Although it doesn't look like it, this site actually runs on Rails 4.0. Unfortunately, this is the extent of my design skillz so it looks like crap. I will eventually get around to making it look less like an eyesore, laziness permitting.
Hello! My name is Mainak Ghosh and this is my site. I am a final year student of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Through this course, I gained the skills to make such inspiring contributions to humanity as this website.


Many years ago my friend and I made up a fantasy universe where we were the rulers of two opposing superpowers. My country was called Buffaloland (yes, I know). We made up lots of scenarios where I would go to war and triumphantly vanquish the enemy - spreading the teachings of Buffaloism, peace and love along the way. And of course, display my fearsome array of Buffaloyan Gurevich (BiG) fighter aircraft (yes, I know. I shouldn't be proud).

Because I never really grew up, and also because I really don't have a life - I decided to recreate the crowning glory of Buffaloland: it's official website. The original had an epic white-on-black colour scheme and as many animated GIFs as my 48 kbps modem would allow me to download in a reasonable amount of time. I will try to stick to the original as far as possible.

Years later, when all my friends have left me (after laughing at me for making this joke of a webpage) and my future employers come upon this website and deny me any form of gainful employment because I'm clearly retarded, I might think about taking it down, but right now, the elemental drive of my existence is to complete this page. Official Buffaloland Page